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"Museum of Korea Emigration History" showing 150-year emigration history

Founded in 2003 by Incheon citizens and overseas Koreans to mark the 100 anniversary of emigration to the U.S., the Museum of Korea Emigration History is the first emigration history museum in Korea. Its intention is to commemorate our ancestors’ pioneer lives abroad and allow their descendants to follow in their footsteps. It shows the history of emigration ranging from the opening of the port to the first moment of emigration, and up to the present.

1st Exhibition Hall: Toward Undiscovered World
This exhibition is designed to introduce the starting point of emigration out of Incheon when foreign countries first began receiving Koreans, and to provide information on the domestic circumstance and the state of Hawaii in the days before the first official emigration in Korea.
2nd Exhibition Hall: Overcoming and Settling
There are photos and relics that show not only the joys and sorrows of overseas Koreans who were rooted in Hawaii but also their footsteps as pioneers across the U.S.
3rd Exhibition Hall: Another Life and A Yearning to Rescue the Nation
This exhibition shows the different lives of overseas Koreans in the Latin America and the brilliant activities of patriotic martyrs dedicating their entire lives to liberating the country.
4th Exhibition Hall: Great Koreans in the World
This is to show the current lives and aspiration of 7 million overseas Koreans who have boosted Korea’s national prestige all over the world.
Visit Information
Inquiries 032) 440-4710, 4711
Hours 09:00 to 18:00 (last admission 17:30)
Holiday Monday, January 1, national holiday
Watching charges Free
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