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Marine protected area

Purpose of designation
  • The purpose of designating marine protected areas is ultimately to enhance the quality of human life and protect marine property by conserving and managing marine ecosystems in comprehensive and systematic manners, which involves protecting marine ecosystems from artificial damage, preserving the diversity of marine creatures, and making sustainable use of marine living resources.
Requirements for marine protected area designation
  • Where marine ecosystems preserve indigenousness or abundance of marine biodiversity so that they are valued for preservation and academic research;
  • Where marine topography, geological features or ecosystems are so unique that academic research or preservation is necessary, or where fundamental productiveness is high or marine creatures’ habitats and spawning grounds are valued for preservation;
  • Where marine ecosystems require special protection for effective preservation and special management.

Wetland protected area

Purpose of designation
  • The purpose of designating wetland protected areas is to prescribe needs for efficient wetland preservation and management to conserve wetlands and their biodiversity and to reflect the intentions of international treaties to promote international cooperation.
Requirements for wetland protected area designation
  • Where natural conditions maintain aboriginality or plentiful biodiversity;
  • Where rare species or endangered wild animals or plants inhabit the areas
  • Where unique landscape and topographical or geological features are valued.

Current designation